Benvenuto! Welcome to Caffe Sport

Caffe Sport, by Antonio La Tona is one-of-a-kind among restaurants. While North Beach is full of Italian Restaurants, not many actually embody the spirit or the food of their homeland. Antonio La Tona’s homeland is Sicily, and Sicilian food is the best there is in Italy.

Every square inch of the interior is adorned with elaborately painted furniture and woodcarvings. Come in once and you’ll never forget, and you’ll see why Caffe Sport is so famous.

Come and read the autographed photos and letters from celebrities throughout the world who are all Caffe Sport fanatics.

Enjoy Tasty and Authentic Sicilian-Style Food


  • Speciality Dish1
    Insalata de la Casa
  • Speciality Dish2
    Carne e Funghi
  • Speciality Dish3
  • Speciality Dish4
    Calamari al’ insalatta
  • Speciality Dish5
    Scampi al’ Antonio